Measure Success

with Digital Marketing Analysis


Knowing the real number of people who saw your business online is a powerful way to measure success. Keep track of new or returning visitors and we prioritize for optimal conversion for each one that is bringing in the most traffic to your website.


Seeing if and now people interacted with your brand or site tells your roughly how much exposure you are getting online. 


Whether CTR or CPA, the many types of analytics means you can combine metrics to compare performance easily.


This is regarded as the most important metrics of Google Analytics for small business. This is the cost you are putting on every conversion. Normally when you have to convert a website visitor into a potential customer, you put a high cost on it. If you fail to do the conversion that means you spent more than you optimized profit. We don’t want you to waste your money. 



Tracking conversions & revenue (including what causes them) makes optimizing marketing much easier.

Social media performance

Facebook 89%
Instagram 61%
Youtube 71%
Twitter 50%


At DigiKai, we have an advanced Google Analytics certification. Analytics is the most important aspect of a solid digital marketing strategy.