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Digital Marketing for Health & Wellness Nutritionists Chiropractors

Your marketing should be as healthy as you want your clients'

The global health and wellness market is currently witnessing a healthy growth. The wellness industry is now said to be worth over $3.72 trillion!  Growing prevalence of chronic lifestyle diseases across the globe is one of the key factors driving the growth of the market. This has encouraged the masses to adopt various healthcare activities.

Whether you are a chiropractic clinic, nutritionist, weight-management clinic, or an MD practicing preventive medicine, you need a strong online presence in order to attract and help more people.

At DigiKai Marketing, we share the same passion for health as you do. We want to help you help more people get healthy by providing you with all the Digital Marketing solutions you need to build a strong online presence and grow your practice.

SEO for Health & Wellness Practices

SEO (Search engine optimization) is our specialty. Your potential client’s are searching for your services online and if your business does not pop up, you are missing out on an opportunity to grow your business and help more people. At DigiKai Marketing we strategically build you an SEO strategy with highly target keywords that relate to your business. Basically, what your potential clients are searching for. We help your website rank at the top of search engines so your practice gets found and gets chosen.

Who We Win For

  •  Dentists
  • Orthodontists
  • Weight Loss Clinics
  • Dietitians
  • Nutritionists
  • Chiropractors
  • Fitness Studio’s

How Do We Do It?

We’re glad you asked! 

We start with optimizing your website. Everything from your content, images, site title, and technical SEO elements such as site speed, sitemap, java script, and all sorts of other technical stuff that we don’t want to bore you with right now. Technical SEO is all about making sure your website is eligible to take that first step off the starting line.

Local SEO is imperative in order to make your business visible to people in your area, looking for your services. In fact, nearly 46% of all Google searches are seeking local information. You have probably searched for a business yourself and noticed Google’s “Local 3 Pack.” You most likely even chose a business from there, without even looking at page two.

The 3-Pack is a group of local businesses that appear at the very top of Google search listings, or just below the paid advertisements.

The 3-Pack ranks in the #1 position in 93% of Google searches.

Having your business in the local 3-Pack is absolutely essential if you want more phone calls, leads, and client’s.

Just how we got Vitality Fit 360 that #1 spot in the local 3-Pack, we will get your practice where you want to be also.

Your Practice Needs to be #1 in Local Search
Local SEO

PPC for Wellness Companies

Targeted Advertising

SEO takes time to grow. This is why our SEO + PPC package is the most popular. When you complement your SEO marketing strategy with a PPC campaign, your business gets seen right away.

Using highly targeted keywords related to what people are searching for when looking for your services, we launch ads that drive results. PPC ads is what you see above the organic search results. 

PPC is good because you get to control your ad spend. You set your budget and we will bid on your keywords and we can ramp up or slow down your spend as you need.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an excellent way to grow your business online. How many posts do you see of people sharing their fitness journey, their health problems (or health victories), their transformations, and their surgical enhancements? A LOT!

Our team of social media marketing experts can build you a targeted campaign to grow your business page, capture leads, and engage your audience. Social media’s advertising platforms can target users based on demographics and the interests they’ve shown on social media. This enables you to reach your target audience quicker.