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Local SEO Marketing Strategy

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Google has stated that localization of search results is the greatest form of personalization they currently engage in.

What you need is a local SEO marketing strategy capable of scaling local customers.

First you need to understand who your clients/members are:

Demographics: What are the common ages, genders, income levels, and other relevant characteristics of your ideal client’s?

Psychographics: How do your customers think? What are their attitudes, behaviors and beliefs as they relate to your fitness facility?

Pain points: What problems do your customers have that you could solve? Maybe they want to eat healthy but have no time. Maybe they want a gym that will help them become better athletes. Maybe they are beginners and intimidated by big box gyms? Are they looking for a women’s only class?

Consumption habits: How do your client’s decide what gym to join? Are they online? Do they prioritize reviews/recommendations? Do they seek information from video, blogs, or podcasts? Which social platforms are they engage with the most?

Once you’ve figured out who your customers are, how they buy, and how you plan to position your facility, it’s time to put that local seo marketing strategy into action by creating some content to support it. This includes a good quality, branded website with engaging content. This is how you build authority. Social media content is also important and should link people back to your website. Experts suggest that “60% of your posts you create should be engaging, timely content, 30% should be shared content, and only 10% should be promoting your products & services.” (Medium)

We at DigiKai specialize in local SEO and we want to take these time consuming activities off of your hands so you can focus on doing what you do best; helping people. We help you help more people by putting your fitness facility on the map, getting you found, managing your listings, and producing your content. We even scope out your competition and eye what is/is not working for them. With an extensive background in fitness and nutrition, we also understand your ideal clients. This makes it easy for us to reach them and bring them to you using various digital marketing strategies.

Contact an Local SEO expert and let’s put together your local marketing plan together.

Together, we help more people.