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Missing the mark on branding

Healthy Branding

I feel the need to write this article from my professional experience dealing with weight-loss clinics specifically, but this article is aimed at all health and wellness professionals.

I am assuming you got into this business because you are passionate about health and helping others get healthy? Am I right? Perhaps your business goals are to open multiple clinics, or maybe you are happy with just one. Whatever your plans are, your brand is hugely important if you want to keep your current patients, gain new patients, and maintain a positive reputation.

Branding goes beyond a logo. The definition of branding is very vague. In business, the Oxford dictionary states the definition as: “the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.” As you can see, there are so many different ways to interpret this definition. In this article, I am going to focus on how to brand your health and wellness business in order to scale your business, grow your revenue, and help more people. I strongly feel so many weight-loss clinics are missing the mark.

Are you a healthcare professional? I want you to step out of your role and put yourself in the shoes of your potential clients searching for your services. Don’t forget to consider how they are feeling, as weight-loss and health is a touchy and vulnerable subject. Now I am going to ask you some questions I want you to think about your answers, from their shoes.


What experience do your patients feel while at your clinic? Was it easy for them to book their appointment? Are they invited warmly and friendly by your staff? Is your waiting room clean, comfortable and cozy? Do you have ample amounts of reading material related to weight-loss and information your patients are seeking? Does your staff and doctor(s) make them feel their questions are valid and answered thoroughly? Is your program and pricing thoroughly explained? Does your staff say, “Goodbye, have a nice day” on their way out? Do your patients leave feeling like they received the best treatment and patient care ever?

How about after their appointment? Does a staff member follow-up with them to check on how they are feeling? Ask them if they have any follow-up concerns or questions? Go over their post-care instructions with them again?

Is your staff showing up to work on time and opening the doors on time? Believe it or not, this is a problem we have seen. A patient was waiting outside for their appointment for 30 minutes because nobody was at the clinic to open it up on time. Now, this doesn’t happen often but I am trying to get you to look at the whole picture. A good, well oiled clinic starts with the Doctor(s) on down to the office manager to the staff.

Now let’s pretend you are a new prospect looking online for a weight-loss clinic to help you lose weight and change your life. As you know, there is a very psychological component to weight loss and these people are looking for someone they can trust to get them the results they desire. These potential patients are often insecure, vulnerable, and it has taken them a lot of courage to finally take the initial step to changing their lives. That first step for many means finding the right person to help them and it often begins with a Google search. They are ready to take action and looking for your help. Now let me ask you some more questions to get you thinking. My first question to you is…

Will they choose you?

  1. Are you showing up in Google’s local 3-pack? According to Forbes, 75% of people never scroll past the first page in search results. The 3-pack ranks in 93% of Google searches. Having your practice here means more leads. But that’s not all.
  2. Does your clinic have a good amount of reviews and is somebody responding to those reviews? When I am searching for a service, I look at the top three businesses first. Then I look at reviews. Let’s say you and a competitor has close to the same amount of reviews. The next thing I am going to notice is the reviews that are responded to. If I see one clinic is taking the time to respond to their reviews, good and bad, I am going to choose that clinic over the one who is not responding to reviews. It simply looks like that clinic cares more.
  3. What does your website look like? Is it easy to book an appointment through? Is it easy to navigate? Is it modern and appealing to the eye? Does it have a lot of information that your prospective clients are seeking? Your website for your practice is the face of your brand and can be the deciding factor whether someone books an appointment for your clinic or whether they go to your competition. Your website is an opportunity to make a great first impression and attract new patients.
  4. What does your social media presence look like? Social media is a great opportunity to build trust, increase brand awareness, and grow your clientele. In fact, more and more people are joining health and wellness groups on Facebook than joining gyms. Social media is the perfect place to give tips, showcase client successes, and make a huge impact on your brand.

Your online presence should be as healthy as you want your client’s. We know you started your business because you wanted to help people, and the more people you help, the bigger the impact you have and the bigger the imprint you leave on others.

Although we live in a digital world today, your online presence isn’t the only thing that matters to the health of your business. Your brand matters and your brand starts from within. It is imperative you and your staff create an amazing experience from the time someone books an appointment with you, to their office visit experience, and even the post care followup.

When you couple an amazing in-person experience with a solid digital marketing plan, your practice is in great health. You should want your business as healthy as you want your client’s.

DigiKai Marketing is on a mission to help as many health and wellness professionals as possible, help as many people as possible get healthy. You keep transforming lives physically, and we’ll transform your brand digitally.