Digital Marketing for Weight-Loss Clinics

Help more people and grow your practice with the power of SEO and an effective Digital Marketing strategy. 

The best Online Marketing is on your side


Search engine optimization can help your clinic increase web traffic, and increase your patient base. 97% of online experiences start with search engines.

Website Design

Is your website user friendly? Does it have scheduling capabilities? Mobile optimized? 75% of smartphone users admit they judge a doctor's credibility based on their website design.

Content Marketing

Attract, acquire, and engage more patients through the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content, including blogs, email newsletters, and social media posts.

Paid Advertising

41% of search engine clicks to to the top three paid ads on the search results page. Having a solid SEO plan coupled with a paid advertising plan is the fastest way to build your online presence.

Each month there is an estimated 88 billion Google searches, of which millions relate specifically to losing weight. By understanding how people seek out their information, we can gain insights into how people approach their health.  For the keyword “weight loss” the chart below shows the search volume for the top related keywords. As you can see, there are 100k-1 million monthly searches for “weight loss’ alone. The other chart shows the amount of searches for “weight loss clinic”.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization play a huge role as it helps your clinic’s website rank first on the Search Engine Result Page, giving you visibility. When your clinic has a strong online presence, and ranks at the top of Search Engines like Google, consumers searching for your services will book an appointment through your website. 


Social Media and the Weight Loss Industry

The internet completely changed the way consumers seek out their information as we know it. 7 our of every 10 Americans use social media regularly. according to Pew Research Center. The weight-loss industry has been completely transformed with the arrival of internet accessibility to information.  Having your social media presence built in with your digital marketing strategy is a powerful weapon. People are taking advantage of social media to help them drop pounds. By giving a plethora of useful information on your business page, you create a community of people who follow you and your clinic becomes the trusted authority to giving your client’s and prospective client’s information they are seeking for.

Social Media and Weight Loss Clinics

Social media has become an important health resource. It is important you create informative, engaging, trusting, and accurate content. Social media is also a good way to showcase your services and increase brand awareness. Having a strong social media presence makes yourself a staple in the community. There is a lot of competition for weight-loss clinics and social media allows practices to be more transparent and personable to patients and prospective patients. 

At DigiKai, we bring the passion, expertise, and digital marketing experience to help your clinic shine online. We help your clinic get found, get chosen, and grow your patient base. Contact a digital marketing expert and schedule your free consultation today.

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