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How to keep your gym members amid the Covid-19 pandemic

Online workout programs

Gym’s and fitness studios across the country have had to shut their doors and adjust to a new way of helping members during this Covid-19 pandemic crisis. Brick-and-mortar locations are adjusting and getting creative with hopes to stay alive. Millions of gym members are without their exercise destination of choice and are forced to adjust to the new way also.

Gym owners and personal trainers are adapting by offering online fitness classes using a variety of creative techniques and resources. These techniques also keep their members accountable, engaged, and moving while this coronavirus pandemic had millions of people stuck at home.

Video classes

Class pass, the world’s leading fitness and wellness network for both digital and offline classes, brings you live, on-demand workouts straight to your client’s living room. Members will book using their credits and you as the trainer have the ability to live stream classes, training sessions, and book appointments. Streaming platforms such as Zoom, Youtube Live, and Vimeo enable you to connect with your client’s. Whether you are running a group class or training one-on-one, you can see your client’s live and also be able to correct their form.

Trainerize, is an All-In-One platform that offers online workouts, on-demand classes, in-app messaging, progress tracking, group training and more. Trainerize is offering 30 days free with unlimited amount of clients and all add-ons for fitness studio owners. You can manage your brick and mortar locations, assign clients to trainers, and set up recurring and one-time payments—all in one place.

Member retention

You should already have a positive relationship with your gym members but now more than ever gym owners and personal trainers need to really focus on relationship marketing. Relationship marketing is a strategy designed to foster customer loyalty, interaction, and engagement. This type of marketing is designed to develop strong connections with customers by providing them with information and tools directly suited to their needs and interests.

video classes mentioned above is a phenomenal way to keep that positive client relationship. Here are some other proactive measures you can take to keep your members engaged:

  • Communication – Clear and regular communication is crucial to keep your gym members informed and reassured. Now is the ideal time to build rapport using a variety of communication channels. It can be done by email, SMS, social media, or your website blog.
  • Services – Ramp up your digital fitness solutions. Aside from live-streaming at home workouts, you can also offer nutrition plans and/or coaching.
  • Accountability – Keeping members active at home will require a little extra effort. Live-streaming workouts, goal setting, goal tacking, and support systems should all be set in place. Creating a support system through a private Facebook group or a personalized email or a one-on-one Zoom conference meeting. Encourage members to use apps like MyFitnessPal, Strong, and Jetfit to track their fitness.
  • Social media – Encourage members to share their workouts and healthy meals online and be sure to actively engage with them. Ask your members to use a hashtag to tag your business.

Should your members continue to pay their dues?

Memberships are an important part of the health of your business. It’s a revenue stream that you count on each month. Before you do a mass suspension of autopays, remember that your clients still need to work out, and there’s plenty of opportunity as mentioned above, for your business to help. Now more than ever during this coronavirus pandemic, is a great opportunity to promote the importance of exercise and good health to your existing and prospective members. This is a question you as the gym owner needs to carefully decide. You do have options.

Option 1: Keep their memberships as is

If you are offering tremendous value, resources, communication, and options for your members, this is a viable choice. Some studio and gym owners are even making sure that clients get the equipment they need for an at-home workout (even if that means delivering their own studio equipment for clients to borrow or rent). If you are offering a ton of value and already have a positive relationship with your members, they will be happy to support your business through these difficult times. Make sure you communicate your new adaptations and what they can expect.

Option 2: Leave it up to them

Times are financially tough for everyone right now. Giving your members the option to continue their membership or cancel seems like the most ethical option. Send an email to your members or better yet, call each member, and ask them if they want to continue to support your business during this difficult time. Reinforce what changes you have made and how they can benefit. Reiterate how important their health is now more than ever. Don’t come across salesey or desperate. Genuinely ask your members how they are doing during this pandemic before you start pitching anything. Offer them your support and let them know about your amazing online services. Let them decide if they want to keep their membership or temporarily put it on hold.

Times are tough right now for businesses across the globe. These are sad times no doubt. Gold’s gym is closing more than 30 locations for good due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Many other smaller boutiques and gyms are unfortunately doing the same. If your gym is finding ways to survive and will be opening your doors as soon as it is permitted, it is imperative you have a survival plan in place. This includes a revamped financial plan, incorporating your new services permanently as another option, and evaluating your marketing budget. Covid-19 has undoubtedly shifted the way fitness studios are doing business and these new adaptations are not leaving anytime soon, nor should they.

In the middle of every difficulty, lies opportunity. Change brings opportunity.

If you need help to grow your impact with your members, reach prospective members, reshape your online image, and craft a powerful sales marketing strategy, book a free consultation and let’s connect.

Be happy. Be healthy.

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